Our Story

Addon is a boutique Digital Agency with a focus on innovative, highly creative content & advertising. Founded in 2013 by Adrienne McCarthy, our expertise is rooted in systems architecture — setting your digital processes up for success.

Addon is proud to call some of the leading retail brands in South Africa our clients including Boxer Superstores, The International Colours Group and The Amrod Group. We are also proud to create content for international brands like The Rainforest Alliance, YBY, and Manacor Holdings in various operating countries and markets.

Our Process 

The output of an Addon campaign is the combined effort of a Strategist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer and Videographer. Once published, an Ads Expert ensures the right people see it, and a Community Manager ensures commentary is dealt with professionally and quickly.

Imagine hiring 6 professionals in house for the price of an Addon retainer?

Fortunately you don’t need to. We are incredibly proud that an average retainer with our business exceeds 5 years, and that’s contract free.