Thank you for your interest in Addon! This is an open book exercise to give you a feel for the type of work we do, as a leading Social Media Agency in South Africa. It’s also an opportunity to showcase your adaptability as a writer, given the opportunity to work with a diverse bunch of clients.

    Top tip: Mirror the writing style used in the examples for each section. We encourage research, but the work you submit needs to be your own. Good luck!


    Safarihub is a UK based travel agency for holidaymakers wanting to visit the African continent. Packages are mostly full board, targeting a higher LSM. Our writing style should appeal to the senses, to make the reader see, feel, smell or taste the experience. This is an affluent audience, which should impact your approach. Imagine David Attenborough as a 5-star hotel concierge – that is the voice of this brand! Below you can read examples of previous content. The most important part of this test is to mirror the example writing styles provided.

    Example 1 – Madagascar
    It’s an island that’s developed extraordinary ecosystems since splitting from the African continent millions of years ago. And approximately 95 percent of its reptiles, 89 percent of its plant life, and 92 percent of its mammals exist nowhere else on Earth. Immerse yourself in the magic of Madagascar. This one’s fun for the whole family:

    Example 2 – Kenya
    Kenya is a magical place. Between the months of July and October guests join us from around the world to witness the spectacle of nature’s greatest theatre. Millions of wildebeest, zebra and gazelles make the long and dangerous trek from Tanzania to Kenya, and you can book your front-row seat:

    Example 3 – Namibia
    Believed to be home of the world’s oldest desert, Namibia is a country of open space and unimaginable beauty. It’s a sure place to find adventure, and for those looking, maybe even yourself. View our full range of Namibian itineraries here:

    Example 4 – Uganda
    The sight of a wild, seven-foot Mountain Gorilla may be the most emotional, humbling and exhilarating moment Africa has to offer. Trek through the rainforests of Uganda’s National Parks for this soul-stirring, adventure of a lifetime:



    SkinMiles is an online store for doctor approved skincare products. Customers earn points with each purchase, referred to as “SkinMiles”. When we write about their various products we tend to focus on the formula or ingredients, as well as the health benefits associated with them. Imagine a doctor behind the customer service till at Clicks – that is the voice of this brand! Below you can read examples of previous content.

    Example 1 – Alpha-H
    This Alpha-H Vitamin C Serum with Grape Seed combines new technology with botanicals to promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity. Helping to reduce pigmentation, it refines pores and provides ongoing protection against future sun damage.
    Find it online here:
    SkinMiles earned: 641.6

    Example 2 – SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex
    Glycation impairs the functioning of biomolecules which results in the stiffening of collagen. SkinCeuticals A.G.E Eye Complex tackles Advanced Glycation Endproducts (A.G.E.) to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.
    Find this highly advanced A.G.E. Eye Complex online:
    SkinMiles earned: 960

    Example 3 – Exuviance Bionic Serum
    Clinical trials have shown that the Exuviance® patented bionic blend smooths and evens skin tone while increasing firmness, resulting in a reduction of lines and wrinkles. Get the feeling of a salon treatment at home with highly evolved Poly Hydroxy and Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
    Shop it online:
    SkinMiles earned: 266.4

    Example 4 – Filorga NCTF-Essence
    The Filorga NCTF-ESSENCE® is a new step to prepare the skin for additional products, after make-up removal and before serum. It’s a cellular anti-ager with 4 regenerating ingredients that each contain the equivalent of one professional injection of NCTF. The ultimate skin booster!
    Shop it online:
    SkinMiles earned: 252



    Doculam is a leading safety and security one-stop-shop. They supply everything from metal detectors at high profile events like the FIFA or Cricket World Cup, to disposable breathalyzers used by government institutions. Technically progressive and professional – that is the voice of this brand! Below you can read examples of previous content.

    Example 1 – MagTouch Baton
    Staff will pack up for the holidays but security patrol is always on the clock. Keep tabs on your team with a wireless guard monitoring system from MagTouch. Guards patrol and clock points along their route using the Suga Blu baton. Clocking data is then automatically sent to the server for real-time tracking. To make sure your premises is secured this festive season, make an inquiry here:

    Example 2 – WatchDog Doc9
    The latest WatchDog Doc9 Body Worn Surveillance Camera is the cutting edge in body-worn video cameras for law enforcement and security applications. Now supporting Super HD 1296p video, 12-hour continuous recording on 1080p/ 16-hour continuous recording on 720p with audio and infrared, built-in GPS and wide-angle footage! Get in touch to discuss your requirements:

    Example 3 – Alcovisor Mercury
    Approved for police roadside use in the US, the Alcovisor Mercury has a superb level of accuracy. Utilising a long term stability sensor, it can store 10,000 tests with 20 customisable fields. A 2” touch screen means there are no external keyboards necessary. Visit our website for more technical specifications:

    Example 4 – Aqualyte
    From mining to manufacture, rehydration is essential to keeping a workforce at optimal productivity. Aqualyte is a hypotonic fluid with low sugar levels and carbohydrates, which prevents illnesses caused by dehydration in high heat environments:



    UTZ is a non-profit program and label for the sustainable farming of coffee, cocoa and tea. It is their mission to make sustainable farming the norm. The UTZ program also impacts farmers and their families for the better, as well as the environment. The UTZ voice is very formal. We recommend emulating the tone of voice visible on the website. Below you can read examples of previous content.

    Example 1 – World Food Day
    Happy #WorldFoodDay! This year’s theme is “Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.” Through UTZ, certified farmers are trained to mitigate their impact on the environment and to adapt to its changes. To ensure the sustainability of these crops and safeguard the livelihoods of their producers. We call it the People, Planet and Profit approach. Learn more about the 3P approach to responsible sourcing here:

    Example 2 – International Coffee Day
    Happy #InternationalCoffeeDay!
    Let’s combine commercial viability with sustainable practices, to create a better sector for everyone, from bean to cup! Find out more about the efforts from the sector to make coffee the first sustainable agricultural product in the world:

    Example 3 – Youth Day
    Happy #InternationalYouthDay South Africa!
    UTZ wants all children of farmers and workers to grow up in healthy circumstances and in a safe environment. Improving farmers’ incomes through higher productivity means we go a long way to remove the need for child labour by tackling the root cause: poverty. Learn about how UTZ contributes to a better life:

    Example 4 – Women’s Day
    Happy #WomensDaySouthAfrica! We know women hold the key to better farming practices, productivity and better living. That’s why at UTZ we address gender equity through the Code of Conduct, and through partnerships and projects at a sector level. Purchasing products with the UTZ logo means you are helping to empower more women worldwide, while contributing to global food security. Learn more about how:



    Watch Republic is the leading watch retailer in South Africa and part of the Fossil Group. They stock a selection of coveted international brands like Diesel, Fossil, Marc Jacobs, Emporio Armani and Skagen. With such a large selection of well known brands within the Fossil Group, our writing tone is largely dependant on the watch we are writing for. Below you can read examples of previous content.

    Example 1 – Michael Kors
    Sparkle and shine! A watch from the Michael Kors Celestial range is guaranteed to keep you on-trend and on time. Featuring a pave bezel, a constellation dial and a black polished steel bracelet. The MK Celestial range will light up your night. Shop the range online: www.watchrepublic.coza

    Example 2 – Skagen
    Beauty meets brains with the Skagen hybrid smartwatch. Receive discreet, filtered-by-you notifications when you receive texts, emails and calls. With activity tracking, phone finder, music control and so much more. Shop it online: www.watchrepublic.coza

    Example 3 – Fossil Jacqueline
    A sophisticated spin on a ladylike classic. The Jacqueline adds earthy tones and neutral numerals with an elegant leather strap.
    Shop it online: www.watchrepublic.coza

    Example 4 – Fossil Grant Sport
    It’s a Fossil Grant Sport chronograph with a nod to the legacy of vintage clocks. Built to withstand everyday use with polished steel and a supple leather strap. Shop it online:


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